White breasted nuthatch

Upperparts are blue grey. Accountability Initiative. Nuthatches are "upside-down birds," climbing just as easily down the bark of a tree as up it. Make 13 different calls, including a sort of nasal "quank" and "hah-hah-hah. Texas is the southeast corner of this species range in eastern North American which extends west from Nova Scotia to Manitoba and south to the Gulf Coast states. Age can generally be distinguished only by wing; even skull can be tricky with this species as adults may retain some "windows".
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General Description

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White-breasted nuthatch

In flight, white can be seen on either side of the tail. As with males, SY females have undergone a very limited preformative molt, limited on the wing to only some lesser coverts. Nest is built by female. Oxford University Press, New York. Male has black cap extended to the neck, and forming a partial collar. University of Texas Press, Austin. Habitat: Wooded Areas.
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White-breasted nuthatch | bird | continuousform.info

It's possible that juveniles "irrupt" into areas with fewer nuthatches or more food. Please honor their copyright protection. White-breasted Nuthatches breed in natural cavities in trees, old woodpecker holes and occasionally nest boxes. In the cup she has formed, the female usually lays range white eggs, usually spotted with reds or browns. Behavior Like other nuthatches, the White-breasted uses its strong legs and claws to walk up, down, and sideways on tree trunks, probing in the bark crevices for food. This nuthatch breeds in northeast Texas and the mountains of the Trans-Pecos with only one confirmed breeding record between, in the eastern Panhandle.
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The breeding season is from early March to late June, perhaps later. They climb up and down tree trunks. Although the species is generally resident, northern and western populations may irrupt in some years Pravosudov and Grubb They will also brush the nest, inside and out, with a crushed insect, perhaps coating the nest with chemical secretions that may keep predators away. Only one brood is raised per year and brood parasitism is rare Harrison , Pravosudov and Grubb They have been seen plucking chunks of fur from dead animals squirrel, rabbit for nests.
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